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Assert Manager/Handler:
The Assert Manager allows to alert a violation of internal states within your application. Some different handlers allow specific reaction on the occurring assert violations: simple console tracing, protocol, warning dialog, throwing exceptions and "silent" handling for deployed applications.

Bug Base:
Bug Base is tool for managing bug reports. It consists of a database, a servlet controlling the database access, an HTML-based reporting frontend and two Java applets for bug report maintainance and for administration.

Euro Converter:
This Java-Converter consists of the business classes to model currencies and their units and the means to convert EUR currencies into others according to the legal constraints. The Currency Input Field is a specialized editor for currencies.
Version 1.1a (JDK 1.2)

Legend Bean:
The Legend bean was implemented to make a legend independent from the used business graphic toolkit.

Master Data Management:
An analysis pattern is introduced to describe the management of Master Data. A reference implementation and examples are provided.

Package Information:
To retrieve package version and configuration information at system runtime this procedure is proposed, supported by some classes which provide the means to retrieve and dump a package configuration.
Version 1.2

Author: Markus Giebeler
Last modified: Sun Sep 30 15:13:25 2001